Poverty is the shameful crime of this century. Mankind is capable of growing sufficient food, of building sufficient houses and hospitals,schools and roads in order to create decent basic living conditions for the whole worldpopulation.

What is lacking is practical and deeply felt solidarity and political will.

Not the intellect but the heart can solve those problems.

The reflection running through the whole project is expression of the need to let the heart speak.


A story after 2, Samuel, chapter 12:


There lived two men on the same earth

Bestowed upon them by a king

One was rich, the other poor

The rich man possessed many goods

The poor could hardly face life

But he cherished it and loved his children

 Poverty covered him like his own skin.


Once the king came on a visit

And the rich man invited him to a banquet

And lovely songs were in the air

The poor man pushed his child forward

And requested for the king  to bless his child


Quite shaken the king noticed the inequality between the two:

The suffering of the poor and the cruelty of  the rich

And he spoke:

I made you brother and sister

 for you to live in harmony on earth

to be grateful to the earth and respect her

You, rich, you raped the earth and killed your brother

Your love is likewise your song: out of tune and it hurts my ear

Stop your song and dont invite me at your table

Nothing should reach my ear and mouth

Until you become sister and brother

As it was ordained by me

And you share the earth in humility and respect

And let your heart speak for who has less.